The Cat

March 19, 2009

As I set an excited plate, this as I waited for my date,
Careful not to tread ‘pon unseen pile my cat had shat upon the floor,
Lest this point it needs recapping, endlessly it seems he’s crapping,
My figurative face it seems he’s slapping, crapping on my kitchen floor –
‘Is this my life’s lot?’ I ponder, picking crap up off the floor –
Then a knock, upon my door.

Pausing coolly as I should, more softly knocks on solid wood.
Check my hair in grubby mirror as I walk towards the door,
A tender greeting leaves me smitten, take winter coat from hands frostbitten,
One moment later she steps in kitten, kitten shit right near the door –
‘Give me your shoe’ I awkward bid, upon hot water I then pour –
And leave to dry, next to the door.

At dinner stony quiet blooms, we dance round elephant in room,
Trunkless bitter kitten watching, squatting, pooing on the kitchen floor,
Without an appetite between us, I lamely joke that ‘who could blame us’,
Beholding sight of my cat’s anus, doing laps across the kitchen floor –
The girl starts to make excuses, excuses that will take her from my door –
But now she lies, upon my floor.

The kitten took her from behind, she had no chance her side was blind,
I wish I could say that he was kind, as he mauled her on the floor,
Once she was dead he resumed pooing, knowing well what he was doing,
My face now white with sickness brewing, brewing with night of mixed up gore –
I turn to cat for explanation, a reason for this rotten core –
He looked at me, then shat on the floor.

…Not Also, But Only


One Response to “The Cat”

  1. Jo said

    Ha, brilliant.

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