Theatre Review

April 27, 2009

Generally I like to keep my writing upbeat and positive, but we all have yangs as well as yings so one of the ways I like to get out all my negativity as well as earning some pocket money is by doing reviews for various publications. Basically you can be as big a bastard as you like and it’s OK. So here’s just one example of my work…

‘No, I’m scared. I don’t want to do this. I want to go home,’ says one cast member during yet another interminably dire ‘scene’. Please. A recurring theme here is the tortured equation that ‘effort’ plus ‘cute’ is apparently enough to make us give a shit. And, therefore, one class of six year old “actors” minus a decent script equals an extremely regrettable waste of anyone’s time. St. John’s 2008 Nativity Play in aid of Sudan appeal, one out of five, avoid at ALL costs

…Not Also, But Only


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