Treasure Trove

October 18, 2011

I was asked to write a poem about my favourite Dart station for a local TV show called ‘On The Dart’. This is what I came up with. (You can see me read this poem right here.)

For so many nights I have not seen
What others have, I have not been what others were.
Not a soulless drone with only dreams of getting home.
Reviled, unloved and if you’re lucky ignored.
Ungratefully trampled by the mucky shoes upon your slighted treasure trove,
But I see and love you, Sandycove.

Stubborn iron spine your electric web entraps me ‘til all reason starts to ebb
From my being and my soul starts to yawn.
They call you ugly duck, I call you mighty swan.
The stinking rotten walking weary and worse still get on at Dun Laoghaire,
But I know that I’ll be with you soon. We’ll sit together beneath our moon,
Our stars, our breeze, our chill, our time, our secret love, our frowned ‘pon crime.
But then a poison arrow through my heart,
Like the express non-stopping Bray bound Dart.
You say it was just a brief flirtation,
But I still love you Sandycove Station.


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