The Faint Taint of Deceit #1

October 19, 2011

Dear Readers,

You are in luck. For today marks the first in the six-part serialisation of my brand new novel. In the past I have brought you ‘Tainted Milk’ – the futuristic sci-fi adventure about a journalist who uncovers a government plot to psychologically control the population using infected milk supplies. Sort of 1984 meets Bladerunner, but with mutated cows who are trained to kill. This was followed up by ‘Tainted Nog’ – a thriller set on Christmas Eve 1989 about a group of European soy-fundamentalist terrorists who take over the LA headquarters of a Japanese dairy multi-national. And finally, there was ‘Tainted Outcome’ – a Choose Your Own Adventure novel in which YOU are the hero; a work experience student who must help an investigative journalist (who specialises in dairy-industrial espionage) stem the flow of illegal milk from the East. And now, comes the fourth in the trilogy (this may give you an insight into how I feel about the status quo) – ‘The Faint Taint of Deceit’, a gripping spy suspender*. Over the next six weeks, you will be treated to a free sneak peak into the novel that will have everyone talking upon its release this Christmas.

Shane Langan

*like a thriller, but more suspenseful than thrilling. Not to be confused with the popular alternative to belts.

Chapter One: ‘Beginnings?’

The year is present day. John Garrison looked around and sighed. The polyester was really starting to chafe against his crotch. “I can’t believe I got busted down to uniformed street patrol just because I didn’t do things by the book.” he grumbled to his partner Sandra. “That’s what happens when you don’t do things by the book. You get a paper cut. Figuratively speaking.” she whispered back. Garrison smiled as he looked Sandra up and down. Seeing her taught, curvaceous body in that uniform meant that their recent demotion wasn’t all bad news. “No!” he thought, “Stop thinking those thoughts. It’s wrong.” Sure, Sandra was everything he ever wanted from a woman. She was smart, warm, funny and had similar dietary restrictions. But, dammit, she was his best friend’s wife. Was. But the day he fell out of that helicopter, survived the fall only for the helicopter to then fall on him, Garrison swore an oath to protect her. And that oath didn’t include sexy sex. But he could feel she felt it too. It was going to be a long hot day.

Garrison looked up and saw a fat suited old man sitting in a café across from where they stood. The man produced a cigarette, lit it and inhaled deeply. “Indoor smoker. Three o’clock.” Garrison growled. He strode across the street and right into the small café. “I’m gonna give you five seconds to put that filthy little death bullet out, Mister.” The man smiled. His yellow teeth sneered at Garrison. “No, I don’t think I will.” the man coughed. He had an accent that Garrison couldn’t quite place. It was either Russian or South African. “Oh yeah?” Garrison drew his gun and pointed it at the man’s face. Sandra had finally caught up. “John” she pleaded “Shooting him won’t bring back your parents from dying of lung cancer.” The old man reached into his inside pocket. Garrison cocked his gun. “I am merely trying to show you my credentials. You see I am a foreign diplomat. I can smoke wherever I like.” he grinned “I have…” And then he spoke the two least favourite words of any cop who dislikes doing things by the book “… Diplomatic Immunity.”

To Be Continued…


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