Hell’s Heifer

November 12, 2012

The following is a short excerpt from my upcoming horror novella ‘Hell’s Heifer’. You can see the cover here. I’ve also included author’s notes to guide you through the gore. Enjoy…

Chapter One. ‘Bovine-abub’

Dawn broke over the farm as the cockerel crowed his dutiful song. But there was an air of impending doom to the cock’s crow this morning. He wasn’t heralding the coming of a new day; he was doing that, but he was also heralding the coming of something far more… diabolical. 

The Farmer slung on his dungarees straps as he opened the farmhouse door and surveyed the morning. “That’s odd” he remarked to himself “It’s not usually this ominous out here.” But there was work to be done and no time for speculating over how ominous the farmyard was or wasn’t. So he grabbed his bucket and moved on.

The Farmer, an elderly kind looking man – the sort of man who’d you feel sorry for if he died – pulled up a stool underneath one of the cow’s udders and began to milk. Something was wrong though. “Oh my, God!” he proclaimed as he fell backwards off the stool. “The milk. It’s red. It’s blood red.”

Red milk. Coming straight out of an udder. Imagine that. Milk is usually white. Unless it’s strawberry milk. But that’s something that dairy companies do later. This was coming straight from the udder. And milk is always white when it comes out of the udder. Unless the cow has some sort of internal bleeding or ulcer. But that’s not the case here. This red blood is a symbol…

The Coroner squatted over the farmer’s dead corpse.

I’ve jumped forward in time there. You see? Saved you from the gory details, there. Which I’m told makes things more scary. Golden rule of horror… people are terrified of things they aren’t told about. It’s like how the shark is hardly on screen in Jaws. Anyway…

The Coroner squatted over the farmer’s dead corpse. His face was all scrunched up like…

Em, I’ve written and re-written this sentence dozens of times, trying to get the description right, but haven’t managed to capture the vivid image in my head yet. So basically, he looked like this… only dead.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say this man died of…” the Coroner hesitated. Too scared to say it aloud. “Died of what?” asked the Policeman. “Died of…”

“Evil?” inquired a knowing voice from the barn doorway. The Coroner and the Policeman looked around with a shiver. A muscular figure, dressed all in black stood in the shadows. “This man died of Evil, didn’t he, Coroner?”

“Who are you?” asked the Coroner, shakily shielding his eyes from the morning sun. “The name’s Garrison. Father Garrison. That cow is possessed by Satan himself. And I’m here to perform the exorcism.”

The cow looked around and stared Fr. Garrison square in the face. All it said was “MOOOO!” (Note: This is a demonic moo. Kind of like what the devil would sound like if he was a cow.)

To be continued…


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