No Reply

June 27, 2014

Latest installment of the 200v200 series. This week’s title comes from a Buzzcocks album on my iTunes. It’s ‘NO REPLY’. 

   It was six months to the day since he had sent the letter. The longest Reggie had ever taken to reply was three weeks. And that was because of a local postal strike. There was definitely something up.

   The boat was hellish. Steerage was all Will could possibly afford. Three weeks of damp, dark discomfort. And worry – three horrible weeks of sickening worry. What horror had befallen Reggie? Three weeks of terrible possibilities.

   The bumpiest of bumpy prop-planes, the dodgiest of dodgy taxi drivers and the smelliest of smelly mules later – finally Will stood before the decaying mountainside shack. He knocked. No answer. He pushed lightly on the door and it creaked open, showering the hovel in sunlight. An old man sat slumped over an ancient looking chessboard.

   “Are you… Reggie?” Will croaked. The old man looked up and squinted.
   “I am. Who are you?”
   “William. What the fuck is taking you so long? I was worried.”
   “Keen, aren’t ya?” Reggie smirked. “Well, your timing is impeccable. Knight to Queen four.” He creakily moved the piece.
   “Now, was that so hard? Let’s try and keep the pace up a bit, OK?”

   Will shook his head and headed home.


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