July 15, 2014

This week’s entry for #200v200 is for the title ‘Hurricane’.

   It was official now. The TV news had announced that the hurricane was the most devastating storm to hit the coast ever. Not that any TVs in the town still worked. The electricity masts were obliterated early on in the onslaught. But they didn’t need TVs. The world’s press had converged on their doorstep. Reporters and journalists could tell them personally how badly fucked up their town was.   

   At first it was kind of funny. The storm being given her name was a little thrilling. She was a local celebrity in the days leading up. Down at the shops, as they stocked up on supplies, her neighbours and friends would crack jokes and comically shake their fists.

   “What are you doing to us, Hurrricane Wendy!? You’ll be the death of us all,” they’d yell at her with playful grins. But then, eventually, the storm arrived. And it was worse than expected – much, much worse. The humour and good nature was soon washed away.

   Down at the shelter, where several dozen families pieced together their shattered lives, where the 82 dead were mourned. Wendy was starting to feel uncomfortable. She could feel people looking at her – muttering and shaking their heads.



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