September 8, 2014

A #200v200 story for the Pixies song ‘Gigantic’


   You know, a lot of people are talkin’ shit about you? Doubtin’ you. Yeah, they’re looking at you, sizin’ you up and they’re sayin’ you won’t make it in this game. They’re callin’ up their friends, tellin’ anyone who’ll listen that you’re not gonna cut it. They don’t think you’ve any business bein’ out there. They say you’re weak. They say you can’t be trusted – that you’ve lost your nerve. They’re laughin’ at you. You’re a fucking laughing stock. 

   Well? Are they right? Are you a joke? Are you weak? No. Sorry? What was that? No! Oh, sorry was that some… flea or a tiny little mouse I heard speaking there? Is there a talking mouse in the room? NO! That’s better. You’re the best there’s ever been. There’s no-one better than you. You’re a colossus. You’re fucking gigantic. Am I right? Yeah! Who’s better than you? No-one’s better than me! What are you?! I’m a colossus! Say it like you mean it! I’m fucking GIGANTIC! Now grab your fucking lollypop and let’s prove those assholes wrong! YEAH! Let’s get out there and help those fucking kids get across that fucking road without getting hit by any fucking cars. ARRRRRGHGGHG!!


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